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This is one of my favorite shots for a number of reasons.  First for me  photography is often an act of worship, a form of prayer in a sense.      Because of the macro lens I was able to see the star on the bottom of this berry and also the coating of ice.  The size of the berry was less than 3/16 inch and the camera lens was about 3/4 of an inch away from the berries. Through the lens I see Gods creation in new ways.  When I saw the perfect star on the underside of that berry I was astounded one more time at God’s creativity.

Why does God put a star on a berry?  Is it for the birds? They just eat it and go on. Or was it for me to be able to find with my camera and have one more reason to praise and be in awe of Him. Then there’s the ice coating.  Couldn’t see that without the camera either. Winter weather happens and causes a lot of beauty but is it just random or is it something a really loving and creative God does for His and our pleasure.  When I take a good picture I take pleasure in it, but even more so when I share it with a friend. We’re  created in God’s image, so isn’t it likely that God creates “art” in nature for both His and our pleasure and His pleasure is enhanced when we allow Him to share it with us.

My hope for this site is to post the times of photographic fellowship I have with my creator.  He lets me walk in the woods with Him and He directs my attention to things I used to always miss.  I tend to be really technically minded and often missed people and God  due to being caught up in my overly practical analytical thoughts.  I had nothing to do with how God made my mind but I came to a conclusion that I had to give control of it back to God so that I could please Him.  One thing He directed me to do was to buy a digital camera. (How that happened is another story) Then He tells me when to get it  and what to shoot with it.  I often end up crying into the view finder (which is not good for the camera) when I’m shooting things that God is directing me to shoot.  This may sound weird to many but I can’t describe the feeling one gets when the Creator of All Things says get your camera I have something I want you to see.  That’s what I want to post to this site

Frozen Berries



  1. John, WOW! I think this photograph and the your explanation is beautiful! You are a great writer and photographer and it is good to hear your HEART speaking.
    Love, Rachel

  2. Rachel,
    if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t have ever though of doing this.
    Thanks for being a real friend.

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