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Driving home from work one night there was a story on the radio about not being able to relax while using high tech devices. The suggestion was given to shut off your computer and I pod and take a walk in the woods.  I thought that was a great idea so when I got home I headed out for a walk under the full moon. Then I heard that still small voice say get your camera. I thought that’s a tech device and I’m purposely not bringing  it.  Then again “go get your camera”.  So I thought Ok God wants me to get my camera.  I got it went back out side and thought I’d head east to get shots of the rising moon. Then I hear ” No go behind the house” at this point I’m looking for something God wants me to shoot. But there’s nothing behind the house but a dark tree line and some chickens and sheep. Then it occurs to me to try to get a shot of the moon through the tree leaves.  I lean up against a tree for stability to get a time exposure and the first shot has these great rings of silk around it.  I had to look hard to see that there was a large gypsy moth web over the branches and I was shooting through it from end to end.  I took a few shots. This is the best one.  Then I headed off for more and had the feeling that that was it and it was time for bed.  I went to bed  feeling satisfied and blessed.  The next day the web was gone and there were no more in a similar position to try to duplicate that shot.  I would never have found it if I had been looking for it.  My Heavenly Father just gave it to me.